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Wingtra is a leading vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone producer for fast and accurate survey-grade photogrammetry data.

Wingtra is rooted in years of technological research and since its market entry, it has established itself as one of the biggest players in the drone surveying and mining industry.

Dwyka Mining services has partnered with Wingtra to offer high precision mapping capabilities and survey solutions the with WingtraOne Gen for its growing base of surface mining clients. Adopting the user-friendly, high reliability and expertly supported solution will empower your teams to map larger, map faster and map anywhere

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WingtraOne Gen II

Product type: VTOL drone

WingtraOne Gen II is a mapping drone that delivers fast and accurate photogrammetry data. WingtraOne’s unique set of features allows you to collect and analyse data more efficient with the easy-to-use flight planning app for even faster workflow. WingtraOne flies higher, and the unparalleled combination of flight coverage and resolution sets it apart from other fixed-wing and multicopter drones.

The onboard high-resolution PPK GNSS receivers eliminate the need for GCPs. Owing to its VTOL design, the WingtraOne can fly in the toughest environments collecting data where other drones cannot. WingtraOne integrates a selection of high-quality RGB and multispectral cameras from Sony to capture the finest detail for even the most challenging aerial mapping application.

WingtraOne offers a fully autonomous operation and real-time monitoring of data to meet all your drone mapping and survey needs. It also provides a cost-effective alternate solution to lidar mapping.

  • Predictive self-diagnosis
  • Automated safety checks
  • Fully autonomous
  • Beyond Line of site flying
  • Swappable cameras (SonyRX1R II, Sony a6100, MicaSense RedEdge-P)
  • Swappable propellers
  • Mission planning and inflight-monitoring software

Check out and complete this calculator to assess the opportunity and savings for larger area mapping over multi-rotor use.

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