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Real-Time Data

Mining Deeper Collecting Mission Critical Information

As a technology business vested in the success of the industry, we see the following as essential building blocks for the digital mine of the future to extract, generate, aggregate and transfer the mission-critical data it requires for sustainable progress. Data integrity in mining, specifically as we attempt to extract information from underground networks relies on three key pillars.

Real-Time Data Secure Stable and Sustainable Power

A forgotten but critical aspect of Industry 4.0 is the undeniable requirement of sustainable, robust and reliable power within the quality parameters selected devices need, and importantly the location you need it supplied to. The advent of renewables and alternative energy sources are elevating the need for quality-of-service and supply of power to sustain the growing demand for devices and data.

Real-Time Data Robust Mine-wide Gigabit Connectivity

Connectivity infrastructure and being able to connect the dots form the foundation of industrial control and automation. Starting by connecting your company assets to seamlessly communicate and share large datasets effortlessly by ensuring wireless coverage can be achieved everywhere is a critical consideration and fundamental value proposition for the DMS team.

Real-Time Data Devices That Can
‘Last The Blast’

All devices that the DMS team represent are thoroughly tested and generally form part of our own deployment and service offering once validated. Ruggedised IP-rated devices that are designed to withstand the harsh mining environment and still be able to perform are key to extracting the data from the toughest locations when you need to allow for shorter interval control and process optimisation.

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