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Augmented Intelligence

Blended Remote Sensory Solutions

As operations are pressed to do more with less, blended remote sensory solutions to augment human effort with machine intervention will be adopted. DMS is actively investing in machine learning and data analytic platforms that will elevate clients existing infrastructure. As a focused roadmap addition, the DMS team is actively pursuing the adoption of machine-centric solutions to augment human effort in mining. Instances where machines can carry out the ‘heavy lifting’ and removal of staff from hazardous locations to elevate safety for sustainable workforce buy-in, are key areas for solution development.

Digital Workforce To Augment Your Physical Workforce

With a trend of investing in a digital workforce through the use of autonomous drones and robotic solutions that extend and augment human effort in mining, a hybrid approach of human plus machine solutions are rapidly evolving to replace repetitive tasks and jobs where “low skill high exposure” instances will be re-engineered to stimulate and encourage a thriving digital future-proof mining industry.

Technologies That Are Making An Impact

Exciting development such as Emesent Hovermap, Boston Dynamics Spot and advanced AI analytic platforms are fostering this adoption and as authorised resellers of these technologies, the DMS team is ready to assist and augment workflows for adoption on mine-site.


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