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Skycatch Photogrammetry Drone Mapping

Skycatch offers enterprise-grade photogrammetry drone mapping and data analytics and focuses on using survey-grade accuracy to reimagine the process of building, tracking, and inspecting complex and hazardous job sites for top industrial firms, including mines.

Offering an all-in-one solution for drone survey and high wall mapping, Skycatch combines state of the art hardware with cutting edge cloud processing and computer vision software to provide precise, high-fidelity 3D models of vertical surfaces. Clients can choose to configure their High Precision Package (HPP) with a DJI drone of their choice and to process data offline or in the cloud using Data-Hub. With our Early Adopter and Ambassador Programme, there is a lot of excitement around the ability to deliver GCP-Free survey-grade accuracy on mine-site.

Dwyka Mining Services is a proud partner to Skycatch’s aerial UAV software, and we believe they can offer considerable value in the African mining industry. To find out more about Skycatch’s mining solutions, visit our media page.

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