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LITEF Sensor & Navigation Systems

LITEF is one of the leading companies in designing and producing sensor and navigation systems. The company’s expertise is based on German technology for mechanical, fibre optic and micro-electro-mechanical inertial sensors. This permits the global distribution of LITEF products without the need for ITAR.

The company was established in 1961 and has headquarters in Germany. The company’s wide range of products includes sensors, inertial measurement units, attitude and heading reference systems, inertial navigation systems and inertial reference systems.

LITEF products are used all over the world for a variety of purposes, including industrial solutions, land, and marine applications, and both civil and military aviation.

Focus Product Type: Survey device Lipad®-100

LiPAD®-100 is a hand-held stand-alone system which provides roll, pitch and north heading directions. This portable system is used for ultra-precise measurement and alignment tasks, and you can access real time data from the display. This portable metre contains the newest generation of navigational-grade fibre-optic scopes and MEMS accelerometers.

LiPAD®-100 has built-in Bluetooth® connectivity to communicate with your hand-held device. An Android based software app (free download in Google Play online store) enables the operator to control the device and view the measurement data in real time

Lipad®-100 Capabilities

  • Portable inertial measurement system
  • Roll, pitch, and north heading direction in real-time
  • Single person operation in small space environments
  • No specific skills required
  • No additional alignment equipment or survey setups
  • Independent of temperature variation, vibration, magnetic interference, and GPS signal
  • Convenient operation with Android software app

Lipad-100 in mining

  • Can be used as gyrocompass alignment device (inertial sensing)

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