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Inertial Sensing

Inertial Sensing Innovative Surveying Systems

Inertial Sensing is an industry-leading company for innovative surveying systems used in a variety of mining and geotechnical applications. Inertial sensing’s combination of calibrated hardware and advanced customisable software gives customers a competitive edge. Their end-to-end range of inertial micro-sensor systems (MEMS) technology are designed to be energy efficient, easy to use, and deliver high-accuracy data all the time.

Dwyka Mining Services partners with Inertial sensing to provide industry-leading surveying technology to the African mining industry. With an expanding drilling intelligence offering, to support safer mining with precision drilling, this visualisation capability promises to support and solve upstream and downstream challenges.

With a dynamic need for purchase and rental solutions, we offer a comprehensive line of surveying tools including the world’s slimmest dual gyro surveying instrument, the SlimGyro and the longer drill rig based GoGyro for core drilling and other applications.

Quick and easy to use

Survey with ease. With streamlined process, there’s no need for complex pre- or post-survey procedures. The Gyyros simple set up and configuration not only saves you valuable site-time but also minimizes the chance of human error, ensuring accurate results every time.


Engineered to withstand the toughest conditions. The lightweight and compact design allows for seamless data acquisition from blast- and boreholes at any angle. Our tool’s modular design ensures minimal repair times and costs, empowering you to maximize efficiency conditions.


Experience uninterrupted surveying. Gyros come fully equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery and seamless Bluetooth communication for continuous operation across multiple shifts. Owing to its energy efficiency, Gyros offer non-stop surveying up to 100hours on a single battery life.


Conduct vertical and horizontal blasthole surveys.

Product Type: Blast Gyro SlimTwin (& SlimGryo)

The World’s slimmest gyro

The SlimTwin is the world’s slimmest rate gyro survey instrument with a diameter of 25mm. The SlimTwin is built for effortless operation with no pre- or post-survey procedures, and long-lasting performance with up to 50 hours on a single battery charge. The SlimTwin is also available as a single gyro version (SlimGyro) which with the same features and an extended battery charge of 100 hours.


SlimTwin (& SlimGryo) Features:

  • 25mm diameter, 1.4m in length
  • 95kg
  • Built in Bluetooth 2.1
  • 50 hours in dual gyro mode and 100 hours in single gyro mode
  • Control and processing software can be used on device with Windows operating software
  • Transfer & processing time: < 5 min per hour of survey data

Product Type: Blast Gyro GoGyro

Simpley go survey!

The GoGyro is a fully integrated easy-to-use survey solution. Designed for quick setup and survey time, it’s available in three standard configurations (core retriever, wireline and centralizers). Accessories can easily be switched when necessary and specified with our team for versatility.

The low power consumption gives the GoGyro up to 100 hours of survey time on a single battery charge. All current versions of Inertial Sensing gyros can run in both standard multi-shot mode as well as fast continuous survey mode.

GoGyro Features:

  • Built in Bluetooth
  • Over 100 hours of surveying
  • Control and processing software can be used on a device with Windows operating software
  • Three standard configurations:

    • Wireline configuration
    • Core retriever configuration
    • Centralizers configuration

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