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Product Type: Inspection Robot

Spot is an agile mobile robot with unmatched mobility over terrain and can automate regular inspection tasks and data collection in a way that is reliable, frequent, and safe. The robot’s capabilities can be enhanced by adding payloads from Boston Dynamics or other third parties with a combined weight of 14kg.

Utilising the Developer Platform, developers can create original Spot software and payload hardware. The Spot Software Development Kit (SDK) allows application developers to access sensor data, control the robot and connect with Spot’s autonomy system. Through mechanical, electrical, communication, and software interfaces, payload developers can upgrade Spot with additional computational power or specialized sensors.

Spot Features:

  • Can power and carry payloads of up to 14kg.
  • Can be controlled remotely with the use of a tablet application and built-in stereo cameras.
  • Can be programmed to gather repeatable and reliable data with Autonomous Autowalk missions.
  • Can utilise 360-degree awareness to map the operational area and avoid obstacles.
  • Can attach and integrate third party hardware using mounting rails and payload ports.

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