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Plexus Powernet

Product Type: Inspection Robot

The Plexus PowerNet system allows mines to connect the last mile worker at the face. Plexus PowerNet™ delivers a high speed, low latency digital communication network that provides PoE+ power to Access Points (APs), cameras and other IP based devices.

The system eliminates the need for costly outside fibre optic contractors and can be installed and maintained by any internal tradesperson. The single coaxial cable system that carries both power and network communication allows easy and fast installation and rugged cable to withstand underground conditions.

Plexus Powernut Features:

  • Power: Easy to add DC power at any. A single power supply will power 8-10  Access Points (APs) reducing total infrastructure cost and time.
  • Connect: Easy to connect directly to a level network switch. Combine power and network connectivity onto a single cable. Each node provides a 4 port PoE+ network switch in fully managed or unmanaged mode.
  • Advance: Easy to add splitters and additional nodes. Easy to install, extend, terminate and maintain by in-house electrical trades or development miners.
  • Repair: No skilled labour required to troubleshoot or replace components, time and increasing production rates.

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