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Maestro Digital Mine

Industrial Internet Of Things (IIOT) Maestro Digital Mine

Maestro Digital Mine are manufacturers of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) devices and last mile digital networks for the underground mining sector. Their products and solutions help workers stay safe and increase productivity, as well as reduce the energy and greenhouse gas emissions associated with mining.

Aligned with their core purpose and core values they have managed to install their devices in over 145 mines across the world. The products vary from air quality stations, air flow and gas sensors to rugged networking in underground environments.


Increase mine productivity by reduce blast clearance time, capital expenditures and energy consumption.


Meet & exceed worker health and safety regulations.
Minimize and identify fires and explosive hot spots.
Measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Extend surface connectivity to the underground with coaxal cable.

Plexus Powernet Plexus Underground

• Deliver internet to underground Access Points (APs) allowing IOT to connect to the internet (RealWear) for remote expert assistances.

• Connect PLCs.

• Access data from Air quality stations on the surface.


Air Quality Stations AQS Underground

• Read real time of air flow fluctuations at the working head.

• Gas Inspections – real time reads of CO2 and other toxic gases at the working head.

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