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Lase BVC

Product Type: Laser Volumetric Scanner

Accurate, Versatile, Durable

Bulk Volume Conveyor is a highly precise two-dimensional measurement system especially developed for the measurement of materials on conveyor belt systems. The laser scanner strategically mounted on frame across the conveyor belt to generate profile of material. Sensors are used in combination with LASE application Software.

Lase BVC Applications & Features:

  • Contactless 2D volume and mass flow measurement
  • Simultaneous operation of up to four systems/conveyors
  • Integrated monitoring and data analysis
  • Sum counter for volume and mass flow rate
  • Measurement of center of mass on belt
  • Measurement of belt tip movement (Belt drift)

Customer Benefits:

  • Exact volume determination by high-resolution laser scanners
  • Maximising conveyor throughput
  • Simple installation on mounting frame
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased service life of the conveyor

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