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Supplier: In-Situ

In-situ specializes in the design and manufacturing of premium environmental process monitoring equipment. For more than 40 years, In-situ has developed a comprehensive suite of products and digital solutions driven by innovative technology.

In-Situ delivers industry-leading technology that is easy to use and ensures accurate data collection for water quality monitoring in both surface and underground environments. The ruggedised instrumentation allows for long-lasting use even in the harshest environments. The suite of products and software allow for on-site and remote monitoring of water quality, flow and level extending to a range of industries.

Dwyka is collaborating with In-Situ to provide tools that allow for reliable and accurate environmental monitoring which is essential to delivering timely and actionable solutions for efficient mine water management.

Product Type: Mutliparameter Sonde Aqua Troll 500

Aqua Troll 500 is a fully customizable multiparameter sonde with interchangeable sensors and a smartphone interface that delivers accurate data and enables simplified calibration, panoramic data view, and report creation. Ideal for spot-checking and profiling applications when used with a Wireless TROLL Com or for long-term monitoring with VuLink.

In-Situ Applications In Mining

In-Situ allows you to monitor the level and quality of all water entering and leaving a mining site.

  • Continuous groundwater monitoring (measure water level and water quality over time at local and regional scale)
  • Mine Dewatering (removing or depressurizing water from mine to minimise flooding, stabilise slopes and highwalls, and optimise operations)
  • Mine drainage monitoring (Monitoring mine outflows such as AMD using real time data allows you to create a quick response and optimise remediation)
  • Aquifer characterisation

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