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Supplier: Atheer

Atheer is a Front Line Worker Platform that connects front line teams to multiple interfaces by digitising workflows that provide the assistance, expertise and guidance they need. Atheer works with the world’s leading industrial enterprises to enable their front-line teams to do work faster, better, and more safely.  

Using Augmented Reality (AR), Atheer provides tools that range from visual work instructions to integrated remote assistance, which offers a complete end-to-end Front Line Worker Platform for today’s modern industrial enterprise. Atheer is device agnostic, which allows teams to augment every workflow, process, task, and person, easily and without code. 

Dwyka Mining Services is partnering with Atheer to deliver a secure, flexible, enterprise-grade platform solution for boosting productivity in the African mining industry. This partnership is set to tackle the connected worker and remote mentor opportunities for largely underserved front line workers in mines. Find out more by visiting our media page.


Atheers's Relevance To The Mining Industry:

  • Digitize existing paper based workflows
  • Address the skills shortage with remote training and upskilling of workers
  • Increase productivity by reducing errors during inspection
  • Remote mentor workers during equipment installation and commissioning
  • Improve health and safety compliance

Product type: Application software Atheer Lens

The Atheer Lense is powered with modern digital tools to digitize and augment frontline work. Atheer lens is a mobile application that can be easily installed and operated across devices of your choosing (phones, tablets and glasses).

Help your teams help themselves with a centralized knowledge management by providing access to the relevant resources. Create smart visual assistance by digitising processes and workflows with Atheer Airforms. Integrate remote assistance to deliver real time insights on live video with Atheer’s AR-enabled AirSession. Atheer is built for teams of all sizes and connection can also be securely extended to external stakeholders.

Atheer Lens Features / Capabilities

  • Share and upload information that can be accessed on multiple devices at the same time (training, documents, images, audio, web pages)
  • Atheer AirForms: digitize existing processes (e.g., Real-time data gathering and analysis, instructions, checklists, procedures)
  • Atheer Air Sessions: AR powered live video sessions, multi-party calling, in-session file and screen sharing, fully encrypted
  • Enterprise grade (global and secure cloud infrastructure)
  • Integration: Atheer connects your front-line teams to your core enterprise systems
  • Seamlessly connects with your partners, contractors, suppliers, distributors, and customers while maintaining the security and separation of your processes and data
  • Fully configurable and white-washed to suite your needs
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Atheer is device agnostic: no need for code

*Deploy Atheer Lens on the RealWear NAV500 for hands-free operation now with FLIR Camera 

*Check out ruggedised laptops and tablets ideal for front line workers from Getac.

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