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Emesent Drone & Lidar Mapping Solutions

Emesent is a world leader in drone autonomy, SLAM LiDAR mapping, and data analytics, and has been delivering revolutionary efficiency, safety and operational insights to underground mining and other industries since 2018. Emesent provides lidar mapping solutions that extend the reach of autonomous lidar mapping.

Emesent’s flagship product is the Hovermap. This smart mobile scanning unit uses advanced collision avoidance and autonomous flight technologies to map hazardous and GPS-denied environments. These include stopes, drawpoints, shafts and other high-risk workplaces. With a wide range of applications, Hovermap is being used by customers around the world.

Dwyka Mining Services is the authorized African reseller for Emesent and works closely with the team to deliver revolutionary efficiency, safety and operational insights to the African underground mining industry. See the Hovermap ST-X, the latest addition to the Hovermap line.

The New Standard In Survey Grade, Autonomous, Lidar Mapping Hovermap

Precision Mapping

Produce dense survey grade point clouds with the Advanced SLAM (Simultaneous localization and mapping) algorithm. Improve workflow efficiencies with automated ground control feature in the Emesent software.


IP65 certified, lightweight and portable design enables data collection in even the most challenging environment (indoors, outdoors, and underground).

Access the Inaccessible

Gain insight to the previously inaccessible environment with Hovermap’s advanced autonomy capabilities. Navigate beyond the lie of sight with omnidirectional LiDAR based collision avoidance, guided exploration, and smart return-to- home allows mapping even in GPs denied environments.

Uniquely Versatile

Quick release mechanism allows easy switch from drone to ground based mapping.
– Drone enabled
– Mounted to backpack, vehicle, robot carrier
– Handheld walking scans
– Lowered in a steel raise cage

Mapping Autonomy

Autonomy Level 0 (AL0):

Offers fast and accurate, high-resolution SLAM based mobile mapping where drone autonomy is not required.

Pilot Assist: Autonomy Level 1 (AL1):

Assisted line of sight navigation in GPS denied environment. Features 360⁰ collision avoidance that shields the drone from obstacles.

Autonomous Waypoints: Autonomy level 2 (AL2):

Offers beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) flight through smart waypoints and Guided exploration. Autonomous navigation and mapping with Tap-to-fly feature. Hovermap streams live point clouds.

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