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Worldwide leaders and pioneers in air and gas manufacturing and digital solutions, Howden combines the power of engineering and technology to develop safe and reliable solutions.

Howden’s expertise supports multiple industries to become more sustainable and efficient. Since its establishment in 1854, Howden has continued to create a global network of industry experts dedicated to improving products and services according to the customers’ needs. Howden believes in building trusted partnerships and working collaboratively to deliver mission critical solutions.

How is Howden helping mining companies?
  • Enhancing environmental and operational efficiencies
  • Advancing towards more sustainable operations
  • Improving safety and productivity
  • Providing solutions in real-time

Focus Technologies

Ventsim™ DESIGN

Product type: Software

Ventsim™ DESIGN is a 3D ventilation simulation software package designed to simulate and model ventilation circuits in underground mine tunnels and shafts. Ventsim™ DESIGN provides a visualisation tool to help optimise underground ventilation system including airflow, pressure, heat, gases, financials, power, radon, fire and many other types of ventilation information.

Its ease of use and versatility makes Ventsim™ DESIGN the leading ventilation package. Since its introduction, Ventsim™ DESIGN has been used by and licensed to mine sites, consultants, universities, and governments all around the world. Ventsim offers different licensing levels (Advanced Version and Premium Version) to match the needs of each operation.


Advanced version

  • Full 3D modelling with smooth rotation, zoom, and pan
  • Real-time automation of airflow and fans
  • Airflow simulation and fan modelling
  • Basic contaminant spread, sourcing, and emergency simulation
  • Import centrelines and solids from other mine planning packages such as Deswik and Datamine, as well as DXF
  • Thermodynamic heat and moisture modelling, including:
  • Compressible airflows and self-adjusting fan curves
  • Blasting fumes dispersion and clearance times
  • Financial analysis wizards
  • Recirculation predictor

Premium version

  • All features of VentSim TM DESIGN Advanced.
  • Radon simulation to predict worker exposure levels
  • VentLOGTM ventilation survey record software.
  • VentFIRETM fire, gas, heat and airflow direction simulation


Ventsim™ CONTROL

Product type: software

Ventsim CONTROL, (associated with Ventsim DESIGN), utilizes intelligent software that communicates to hardware devices monitoring remotely, controlling and automating airflow, heating, and cooling systems to deliver safer, more productive, and lower-cost ventilation for your mine.

Ventilation on demand (VOD) is a type of ventilation optimization where the system adjusts mine airflow in real time based on vehicle and worker position. This is possible by integrating a database with flow set points calculated based on data. Rules for calculation are adaptable to meet local and corporate regulations.

The system enables the mine to manage better ventilation for improved production, blast-clearing times, energy savings, and, most importantly, increased safety for underground workers. With rising costs of energy and questions of power usage and security for mining operations, Ventsim CONTROL aims to deliver a connected and optimised platform for energy conservation and safer working environments for underground mining staff.

Depending on the level of automation based on the existing connectivity of the underground environment and connected capability of ventilation devices such as fans, starters and control accessories a gap analysis and Ventsim DESIGN base simualtion is required.

Working closely with Howden and other leading ventilation solutions providers, Dwyka Mining Services has a track record of integrating partner’s technologies with core competencies in underground connectivity and automation expertise.


Product type: Software

Pumpsim ™ is a 3D pumping simulation software. Pumpsim ™ provides you with the tools to accurately model, simulate and optimise the flow of liquids in your pipes over time. Pumpsim™ allows you to visualise the flow of liquids through a network of pipes, channels, pumps, tanks, valves and sprays.

Pumpsim ™ makes it easy to accurately model complex real world pipe systems in a way that is interactive and intuitive. Pumpsimˇ offers different versions and licensing levels to match your needs: Pumpsim Liquid: Advanced, Pumpsim Gas: Advanced and Pumpsim Premium. 

  • Comprehensive data and analysis as Pumpsim can simulate over 30 different data types, including: Pipe/pump pressure and capability, flow quantities and velocities, costs and efficiency, and much more.
  • Construct detailed pipe network models and simulations with customisable elements such as pipes and channels, pumps, valves and more.
  • Import different types of file formats into your model
    • Import existing DXF/AutoCAD model files and convert centrelines to fully functional Pumpsim models
    • Overlaying graphics (such as terrain and tunnels) over models and add reference graphics to enhance visualization
  • Interactive 3D User Interface – High speed 3D display and navigation in real world scale
  • Up to 10,000 network pipes: Build large scale models
  • Animated flows and pump: Visualise flows moving in real-time speed.

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