Product type: SLAM Lidar


The Hovermap ST-X is smart mobile scanning device that uses advanced SLAM and autonomous flight technologies to map hazardous and GPS-denied environments. This versatile unit allows you to create dense point clouds and digital twins in minutes. Owing to its tough and lightweight design, the Hovermap ST-X can be used in even the harshest environment whether it be indoors, outdoors, above or underground.

Featuring a sensing range of 300 meters at more than a million points per second, it captures detailed, accurate data over a greater area in less time –giving you faster time to insight. The Hovermap ST-X is a complete lidar mapping solution that allows you to extend the reach of autonomous lidar mapping and collect mission critical data. This mobile unit can be mounted on a drone for aerial mapping using autonomous flight technology and advanced collision avoidance. Quick-release mechanism allows easy removal from drone and ability to use as a handheld scanner, or mounted on a backpack, vehicle and select quadruped robot.


  • Advanced SLAM technology
  • Different levels of autonomy (AL0, AL1, AL2)
  • Mapping accuracy: ± 10mm in typical underground environments
  • Data acquisition speed of up to 1 920 000 points/sec
  • IP65 certified
  • 1.57kg
  • Optional:
    • Colorization kit to augment point clouds with true color
    • Long range radio to increase connectivity range