Whether you are drilling, blasting, filling or anything in between, mining efficiency is underpinned by safety and operational insight. Surveyors and geotechs armed with Hovermap™ and its rich point clouds can support improvements across the mining teams.


Improve safety and reduce risk. Keep personnel away from brows, confined spaces or heights.  Send a Hovermap enabled drone on an autonomous mission into stopes, drawpoints, shafts or other high risk workplaces. Safely check drill angles and confirm bund heights and locations.

Greater Insights

Hovermap’s rotating LiDAR provides an omni-directional field of view, ensuring 3D data is collected in all directions.  3D Data is collected consistently whilst greatly reducing shadows. Investigate convergence monitoring and perform rock mass classifications. Output high accuracy volumetrics for over/ under break, reconciliations and stockpile paste scheduling. Pair additional sensors such as cameras or gas monitors for further data analytics.


Reliable Data

With a combination of world leading LiDAR mapping and drone autonomy, Hovermap produces reliable, accurate data which integrates seamlessly with existing workflows, to enable new analytical insights.

Productivity & Efficiency

With Hovermap you can map stopes and other inaccessible areas in minutes rather than hours. Confirm backfill volumes and heights, improve scheduling and backfill design or reduce production interruptions with a rapid scan that can quickly identify remaining stope volumes.