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Emesent Launches Hovermap ST at Mining Indaba: Disruptive New Technology to African Mining

Cape Town, South Africa, 29 April 2022: Dwyka Mining Services, authorised African reseller of Emesent Hovermap and autonomous drone products, will be launching the new Hovermap ST at the Dwyka Mining Service Technology Co. at Mining Indaba 9-12 May 2022.

“Dwyka has been a partner that has pushed the boundaries and technology across the continent through the pandemic. It’s my first visit to South Africa since before COVID-19, we are excited to be here and to introduce Hovermap ST to our African clients in person. We are proud to partner with Dwyka Mining Services as they not only serve the best interests of our valued customers but push us to develop and elevate our capability at every step. We love the passion and the resilience their team has shown and we are super excited to be exhibiting at Mining Indaba this year as part of their Dwyka Mining Services Technology Co.” says Jim Stuart, Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Success at Emesent.

This is the second generation of the world’s most versatile SLAM based scanner and an update on Emesent’s existing Hovermap HVM100 hardware payload and supporting software. Hovermap ST allows users to more efficiently capture SLAM LiDAR data with improved benefits to safely unlock visual value for mission-critical decision making.

“Our partnership with Emesent is something we care deeply about, to the extent that the brand feels like an extension of our own family. Emesent’s technology reinforces Family as one of our core values at Dwyka Mining Services – foremost that we ensure that everyone goes home safely to their families each day through safer mining practices and secondly that we create a platform and culture for partners to learn and grow together as a collective to better augment human effort. I’m personally excited to see the outcomes from the Dwyka Mining Services Technology Co. from the discussions, sharing and ‘family dinners’ during Indaba,” says Jamie van Schoor, CEO at Dwyka Mining Services.

Dwyka Mining Services has been working with Emesent since September 2019. With the rapid adoption of the Hovermap to digitize mining assets across the continent, the global leader in SLAM based drone autonomy is further entrenching its pioneer status in this space with some disruptive new features that are going to redefine GPS-denied mapping applications and adjacent industry adoption.

“With the successful integration and adoption of the Hovermap at Africa’s top tier mining companies, we are excited to be launching the Hovermap ST at Mining Indaba to share this success and some new tricks up our sleeves. With a highly visual and digital showcase planned, we look forward to sharing how clients can extend this intelligence into whole-of-mine deployment strategies and adjacent AEC industries. We’ll also be showing visitors that you can teach a new dog old tricks with our interoperable Hovermap Payload on Boston Dynamics’ Spot Enterprise!” adds David Jagger, EMEA Sales Director at Emesent.

Features and benefits of Hovermap ST include:

  • Compact design: easy to carry for walking scans and provides a longer flight time when used on a drone.
  • Weather sealed: the tough, IP65 weather-sealed design allows the mapping of harsh environments without concern for dust, rain, extreme temperatures, or humidity.
  • Ability to explore beyond line of sight and communication range: Tap-to-Fly autonomy featureenables mapping in previously inaccessible areas. Collision Avoidance, Guided Exploration, and smart Return-to-Home functions ensure Hovermap ST keeps a safe distance from assets and returns home safely with the valuable data it has collected.
  • Survey grade control: with Hovermap ST’s precision engineering, world-class SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), and Emesent’s Automated Ground Control feature, you can capture dense, shadowless survey-grade point clouds.

For more information on the Hovermap ST, contact Dwyka Mining Services

About Dwyka Mining Services

Dwyka Mining Services is a pan-African mining technology platform that assists underground mining clients to adopt and adapt to evolving technologies with a focus on supporting efforts to improve safety, health and environmental conditions in the collaborative pursuit of the digital mine of the future.

About Dwyka Mining Services Technology Co.

As the mining industry plans and begins executing on their digital adoption roadmaps, Dwyka Mining services will be showcasing leading global technologies at booth 908 as part of our Dwyka Technology Showcase Co.<LAB collaboration.

Dwyka’s key partners will be joining the team on the stand to offer their view and standpoint with tech on hand for visitors to appreciate how visualization in mining is driving digitalisation.

About Emesent

Emesent has been delivering revolutionary efficiency, safety and operational insights to underground mining and other industries since 2018.

Emesent’s flagship product is the Hovermap. This smart SLAM based mobile scanning unit uses advanced collision avoidance and autonomous flight technologies to map hazardous and GPS-denied environments. These include stopes, drawpoints, shafts and other high-risk workplaces. With a wide range of applications, Hovermap is being used by customers around the world for mine deployment.


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