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Elevating Fixed Point Scanning with Lase Industrielle Lasertechnik: State-Of-The-Art Laser Technology For African Mining

Cape Town, South Africa, 02 May 2022: Dwyka Mining Services, is excited to be hosting new German-based partners LASE Fixed LiDAR Scanning solutions in South Africa ahead of Mining Indaba. This partnership will provide the African mining industry with a broad spectrum of precise and reliable 1D, 2D and 3D laser scanning systems for use in harsh industrial environments.

“Despite LASE being one of the new partners to our technology stack, we have moved swiftly to blend our unique real-time data and visualization capabilities to identify and solve problems. Using laser scanning on belts to complement scales and weightometers, mitigate down-time as well as offer a survey reconciliation solution for large load and haul operations immediately delivers on production-linked ROI,” says Jamie van Schoor, CEO at Dwyka Mining Services. “Deploying strategically placed units provides real-time information that operations need to remain profitable with their margin sitting on the belt.”

“We are excited about learning and expanding our capability set to answer the challenges of the mining industry. We are thrilled about the partnership with Dwyka Mining Services as they have an established pan-African client base, established LiDAR scanning capability and importantly for us, a reputation for getting the job done. The African market is disparate but having the correct partner, asking the right questions and delivering on their promise is a great recipe for success and we believe that Dwyka Mining Services solves this for us,” says Lars Mohr, Head of Sales at LASE.

This new partnership will facilitate the scanning capabilities in harsh industrial environments like mines, quarries and other heavy industries where bulk volumetric goods require accurate monitoring and control. This is achieved with two key categories:

  1. Bulk Volumetric Scanning BVC LASE*
  2. Truck Volumetric Scanning TVC 3D

LASE solutions differ from traditional belt scales and weightometers in that they offer:

  • Contactless long-range 3D profile measurement
  • High accuracy, high resolution and a fast measuring rates
  • Unique stable object and belt movement detection
  • User-friendly software and simple installation

For more information about our partnership with LASE, contact Dwyka Mining Services

About Dwyka Mining Services

Dwyka Mining Services is a pan-African mining technology platform that assists underground mining clients to adopt and adapt to evolving technologies with a focus on supporting efforts to improve safety, health and environmental conditions in the collaborative pursuit of the digital mine of the future.

About LASE

LASE is a worldwide leading company for laser-based sensor applications in the industry that offers innovative and productive solutions by combining state-of-the-art laser technology with sophisticated software applications.

LASE’s range of products provides everything from punctual distance measurements to complex laser measurement systems – mostly in difficult operating conditions. Their main focus activity is the production and distribution of components and system solutions as well as the development of customized software applications.

*For video datasheet downloads please visit the LASE site.


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