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Dwyka Mining Services and Skycatch Early Adopter Programme: Demystifying Drone Adoption in Africa 

Cape Town, South Africa, 6 May 2022: Dwyka Mining Services, authorised reseller of Skycatch’s enterprise-grade drone mapping and data analytics products, today shared the success of the Skycatch Early Adopter Programme and planned roadmap for African drone industry. 

Skycatch develops and sells proprietary advanced software and hardware for generating fast, reliable, survey grade 3D data from drones. More than 10,000 of the world’s largest and most complex mining, construction and industrial job sites trust Skycatch to collect, process, analyze and visualize their geospatial field data with the fastest time-to-data in the market. 

“With our client’s pursuit to collect and process their own aerial photogrammetry data rapidly for more responsive and decisive action, we are thrilled to have seen the market’s positive response by our early adopters. With the fastest flight-to-data processing and GCP-free workflow for survey grade drone data now at their fingertips, the sky is the limit!” says Jamie van Schoor CEO at Dwyka Mining Services.  

Skycatch provides safe, easy-to-use, accurate, fast and scalable End-to-End solutions. The Early Adopter Programme has been a pivotal initiative to launch Skycatch in the African region. “Thanks to Dwyka’s regional footprint and longstanding relationships, we were able to produce tremendous results. We indeed secured large, listed mining deals in challenging markets and we are excited to continue providing added value to end customers in the region,” says Matteo Triacca, Regional Manager EMEA for Skycatch.   

“I am really excited about the new possibilities and disruptive technology that Skycatch brings to the professional UAV/drone aerial surveying and drone analytics industry. Embedded solutions like the DataHub, High Wall Scanning, and future compatibility with the next generation of aerial robotics and sensors, will open up the professional UAV surveying and mapping analytics market for Africa at scale,” says Henno Morkel, Sales & Account Executive for Skycatch sub-Saharan Africa”.   

“In an effort to showcase the offering, all the technology will be on show at our Dwyka Mining Services Technology Co. booth at Mining Indaba to demystify drone-based solutions for the rapid integration of accelerated workflows. Our clients need a new set of tools to navigate rapid digitalisation – Skycatch is one of these additions to their digital toolbox,” says van Schoor.  

Features and benefits of Skycatch’s product offering include: 

  • Fully automated solutions compatible with your operations & workflows 
  • Easy to use, proven & robust technologies to capture, process and analyze your data. 
  • Significantly improve safety in drone data collection 
  • Up to 75% time gain in data capturing 
  • Repeatable sub 5cm accuracy in x,y,z without GCPs (RTK & PPK corrections) 
  • Online (near real time) and / or Cloud processing 
  • Skycatch Edge 1 base station and in field processing unit 
  • Unique, end-to-end solution for highwall mapping with 5cm triangular spacing 
  • Easy localization & outputs in local coordinate systems 
  • Best-in-class software features – from cut & fill, volumetrics, distance & grade, multi-layer 

comparisons to automatic object removal, 

For more information about Skycatch’s products and service offerings, contact Dwyka Mining Services.   

About Dwyka Mining Services 

Dwyka Mining Services is a pan-African mining technology platform that assists underground mining clients to adopt, and adapt to, evolving technologies with a focus on supporting efforts to improve safety, health and environmental conditions in the collaborative pursuit of the digital mine of the future. 

About Dwyka Mining Services Technology Co.

As the mining industry plans and begins executing on their digital adoption roadmaps, Dwyka Mining services will be showcasing leading global technologies at booth 908 as part of our Dwyka Technology Showcase Co. collaboration.  

Dwyka’s key partners will be joining the team on the stand to offer their view and standpoint, with tech on hand for visitors to appreciate how visualization in mining is driving digitalisation. 

About Skycatch 

Skycatch offers enterprise-grade drone mapping and data analytics and focuses on using laser scan level accuracy to reimagine the process of building, tracking, and inspecting complex and hazardous job sites for top industrial firms, including mines. 

Offering an all-in-one solution for drone survey and high wall mapping, Skycatch combines state of the art hardware with cutting edge cloud processing and computer vision software to provide precise, high-fidelity 3D models of vertical surfaces. Clients can choose to configure their High Precision Package (HPP) with a drone of their choice and to process data offline or in the cloud.  


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