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Sibanye Stillwater Bathopele Mine

A key enabler for digitalization in underground mining is securing mine-wide, robust and resilient broadband wireless connectivity. The nature of underground mining is such that digital infrastructure must operate and be maintained in a harsh, often unforgiving environment. Whilst legacy fibre installations are established and commonplace, these are generally terminated with a network switch at level access or waiting places with limited connectivity available up to the working face, known colloquially as the “last-mile”. 

Without connectivity in the “last-mile” there is limited opportunity to receive and trend real-time data for asset and personnel intelligence and optimisation. To remedy this, Dwyka Mining Services (DMS) partnered with precious metals mining company Sibanye-Stillwater to roll-out a proof of concept (POC) underground network to secure and extend its capability to aggregate real-time data in an active section at their Bathopele Mine.

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