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Visualisation Across Spectrum

Visualisation across the spectrum and through dimensions are key perspectives to solving the complex challenges of mining across a diverse set of ore bodies and staff complement.

With remote working and travel limitations elevated by COVID-19, the evolving workforce will embrace remote sensing devices to visualise challenges and opportunities in-situ from teams with ‘mud-in-boots’ on-site. Instant Collaboration with smart wearables and team collaboration platforms are the future of remote site management.


Display Foresight

Foresight’s new vision for autonomous vehicles is achieved by fusing stereo visible-light cameras with thermal long-wave infrared sensors that provide depth perception and obtain a clear 3D view in harsh lighting and weather conditions. The technology also generates a 3D point cloud of data that enables analysis of different terrains and 3D sensor fusion.

Display Atheer

Atheer combines the power of Augmented Reality with machine learning and AI to deliver a secure, flexible, enterprise‐grade platform aimed squarely at boosting productivity for front line teams. Device agnostic Atheer allows teams to augment every workflow, process, task, and person – simply and code‐free.

Emesent Hovermap

The Hovermap payload automates the collection and analysis of data in challenging GPS-denied environments, delivering revolutionary efficiency, safety and operational insights to underground mining and other industries. Emesent’s core areas of expertise are drone autonomy, SLAM-based LiDAR mapping and data analytics which can be captured on- and off-drone for survey and geo-technical inisght.

Howden Ventsim & Pumpsin

Ventsim and Pumpsim are 3D software packages that visually simulate the flow of air, fluid and compressible gas. The software assists users to create and model dynamic scenarios to provide a digital twin of the operations for accurate simulations, data collection and control of your network.


Nemesis Prometheus

Management and manipulation of large underground point clouds are critical to embrace growing LiDAR scanning requirements to support current IT infrastructure on-site. Nemesis’ AWS cloud-hosted Prometheus software accelerates point cloud data workflows by allowing users to store and access files safely and securely in the cloud, no matter what mine design software they use.

Blockhead Technologies Stamp

Blockhead Technologies is a blockchain agnostic software developer focused on the value of data and how blockchain can be used to rebuild trust and establish accountability in mining value chains. The STAMP™ solution visually tracks, records and optimizes value chains, reducing operational costs and identifying opportunities to leverage the assured value of data.

Razorlabs Artificial Intelligence

Utilizing existing data streams and incorporating artificial intelligence through deep reinforcement learning and neural network for business processes optimization, Razor Labs VisualMind video analytics and DataMind preventative algorithms are two platforms that have been adopted by leading international miners to handle complex data analytics and data fusion.

1Huddle Gamification

Gamification in the workplace is rapidly altering the way we engage with company stakeholders. 1Huddle allows quick conversion of existing LMS material into trivia-based skill games. Employees can create and play games in under 5 minutes from mobile, tablet, or desktop that centre around company objectives disrupting the poor retention of legacy classroom type learning.

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