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Getting Data A Shared Industry Challenge

Connectivity is the critical lever to mine-wide digitalisation. Getting data from complex, high risk and high cost environments is a shared industry challenge that we have proven possible.


Ekahau Wireless Site Survey

Well-designed and optimized networks reduce downtime and take the guess work out of wireless installations. Ekahau’s agnostic, highly visual and robust gear delivers precise Wi-Fi diagnostics from tough environments meaning faster site surveys and spectrum analysis to deliver more accurate and reliable data for mission-critical IT networks on surface and underground.

Maestro Digital Mine Plexus Powernet

Underground ‘Last-mile’ connectivity, the portion extending from level access up to the face, continues to be a challenging environment to connect mission-critical assets and personnel. In an aggressive environment where blast concussion, trackless machines and environmental conditions push the envelope for IP-rating certifications for wireless technologies, Plexus PowerNet has demonstrated resilience in extending robust gigabit wireless networks and DC power to unlock value from the most challenging locations.

Nokia Private LTE

Nokia’s innovative portfolio of network equipment, software, services and licensing opportunities that enable customers and partners across the globe to transform how people live, work and communicate. As a global leader in mission-critical networks with 1300 customers and 150 industrial grade private wireless networks Nokia is more than a connectivity vendor together we are bringing industry expertise and technology leadership to our customers.

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