Leading robotics company Boston Dynamics is dedicated to producing outstanding robots that will improve people’s lives. They design intelligent, agile, and mobile robots with superior mobility to manage repetitive tasks and hazardous environments.  Boston Dynamics’ well-known robots include Stretch and Spot. Stretch is a mobile manipulation robot created for difficult warehouse automation tasks, whereas Spot is a dynamic sensing solution created for unstructured and human-purposed situations.



Program repeatable autonomous missions to gather consistent data.
Create unique controls, plan autonomous missions, and incorporate sensor inputs into data analysis tools using the Software Development Kit (SDK).


Utilizing mounting rails and payload ports, integrate special external gear.
Carry and power inspection equipment weighing up to 14 kg.

Spot Arm, Spot CAM + IR, Hovermap, CORE I/O + EAP2, Maestro Gas Sensor


Remote inspections using the Scout server to control Spot remotely.

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Improve worker safety with Maestro Digital Mine’s environmental gas sensors for post-blast inspections


• Spot performs inspections underground in stopes where it is unsafe for humans to enter.

• After blasting Spot is sent with an air quality station (AQS) including gas sensors (Maestro Digital Mine) to the working face to detect CO and other harmful blast gasses to accelerate re-entry, read article.

• Capture 3D Digital twins using sophisticated SLAM LiDAR payloads like those from Emesent.