Atheer is a Front Line Worker Platform that connects front line teams to multiple interfaces by digitising workflows that provide assistance, expertise, guidance, knowledge, and the enterprise systems interoperability they need. Atheer works with the world’s leading industrial enterprises to enable their front line teams to do work faster, better, and more safely.

Using Augmented Reality (AR), Atheer provides tools that range from visual work instructions to integrated remote assistance, which offers a complete end-to-end AR-enabled Front Line Worker Platform for today’s industrial enterprise. Atheer is device agnostic, which allows teams to augment every workflow, process, task, and person, easily and without code.

Dwyka Mining Services is partnering with Atheer to deliver a secure, flexible, enterprise-grade platform solution for boosting productivity in the African mining industry. This partnership is set to tackle the connected worker and remote mentor opportunities for largely underserved front line workers in mines. Find out more by visiting our media page.