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Dwyka DNA

We are mining technology advocates for Human plus Machine solutions that improve safety and productivity to ensure a sustainable future for the African resource sector

Real-Time Data

As we mine deeper collecting mission critical information is required to elevate safety and productivity. DMS has curated a hybrid set of solutions to extract and aggregate real-time information from the toughest working environments.


Digitalization of mining assets into highly visual formats is key to unlocking hidden value by solving a widening skills gap and growing safety mandate. DMS has partnered with global pioneers to deliver mixed reality capture and digital twin capabilities that will augment your team’s sight on- and off-site.

Augmented Intelligence

As operations are pressed to do more with less, blended remote sensory solutions to augment human effort with machine intervention will be adopted. DMS is actively investing in machine learning and data analytic platforms that will elevate clients existing infrastructure.


Large scale disruption is expected with renewable energy generation and optimization on mine-site. DMS is preparing for a step change impact with large scale adoption of alternative energy solutions that will decarbonise the impact of mining.


You are visiting our website because you care.
You care about the sustainability of your industry and the impact technology will have on people.
You care about the estimated 1 million people that are employed in the African mining sector* that deserve to go home safely to their families each day.
You care about the impact mining has on our environment and communities to extract the valuable ore that is used to create almost everything around us.

Dwyka Mining Services is here because we care.

We care about you and our clients, partners and the sustainability of our industry to ensure we leave a positive legacy for the African mining industry.
Our client’s evolving requirements keep us motivated, up late at night and gets us up early each morning across the continent to get back underground to improve miner’s lives.
We are fortunate to be solving the challenges of Africa’s top 50 mining companies with the best global technologies and highly motivated teams in time zone.

Interested in our technologies?

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More About Us

Our Solution Stack

Our platform has been carefully curated to link our technologies to deliver end-to-end solutions. With a legacy focus on safety, health and environmental solutions, our value proposition has been to secure the best available tools and technologies globally and continue to develop highly skilled and motivated staff to deploy these in time zone.




Connectivity is the critical lever to mine-wide digitalization. Getting data from complex, high risk and high cost environments is a shared industry challenge that we have proven possible.
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Ruggedised, mine-ready devices that ‘last the blast’ and collect reliable, rich diagnostics information are critical for proactive decision making.
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Visualisation across spectrum and through dimensions are key perspectives to solving the complex challenges of mining across a diverse set of ore bodies and staff complement.
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Bespoke workflow solutions and application modelling designed for safety and process improvements for productivity gains using technology as the catalyst
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Operational teams trained and conditioned to connect, configure, commission and maintain technologies in time zone


Case Studies

We are a no frills, ‘mud-in-boots’ focused team that steers away from using buzz-words preferring instead to speak to projects delivered on-time, in-full with embedded workflows as success stories. While many players speak about digitalisation and the 4IR, we are the team taking action doing our best to change mindsets, experiment with new technologies, support leadership, focus on the data and elevate skills in the industry. We are proud to have collaborated and delivered the following projects and measures of success for these valued clients.

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Lead and Zinc

Wi-Fi and Last Mile Connectivity, Trevali, Maestro and Plexus

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Platinum Miner

Anglo American Amandelbult Spot POC

Mine Hovermap
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Data Capture

Stope scan, Copperton Mine, Emesent Hovermap

Hovermap of inside a mine
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Data Capture

Scanning Falls of Ground, Emesent Hovermap

Mine map enhanced
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Data Capture

Shaft scan, Siyanda, Emesent Hovermap (CAVITY SCANS)

Man preparing to map a mine
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Data Capture

Stockpile scan, Bulyanhulu Mine, Skycatch

Enhanced open cast mine map
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Data Capture

Emesent Hovermap LiDAR Scanning: Engineering Design Optimisation

Chrome mine enhanced map
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Data Capture

Chrome Mine: Usability and Rapid Results